We are just some Dutch people who like to share and help others in sharing.

Anne Martens

Started by Juul Martin with help from Nils Roemen. Anne Martens is our communications wonder you most likely will be talking to.

Sharing Voucher design by Katja Janssen.

Translation by Arthur Swart, edited by Tu-Anh Bui;

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Our view on sharing

illustration by Robert Keder
illustration by Robert Keder

Picture an infinitely large table that stretches throughout the world. Imagine people have set this table with whatever they want to share. Because they have something in abundance and they want to share(i.e. goods, support and knowledge). And imagine we agree that we can all use what we want from this table as much as we need it. Would that make you happy?

Guilt or awkwardness is not an option when receiving or using something. No more bartering. No anxiety when asking, because whatever you need is bound to be waiting for you. A money exempt world, where the “unused” retains and regains their value. Less people chasing everything out of fear of losing out. Would that help us build a more enjoyable society?

We dare to dream that there will be enough for all, even when some only take care of themselves: there is enough for everybody, including you. You are welcome. Take what you need and feel good. We are building this table. Just like many others do. And with each others’ help we are making it work. I want you to see, find and use what is there. I am inviting you to embrace a new view on a helping hand. The Sharing Vouchers are an illustration of this view and a simple means to facilitate sharing by default.

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