We started to experiment with the Sharing Vouchers in our Sharing Shop (Deelwinkel) in the Netherlands. We quickly had a pile of filled-in Vouchers and people gladly, sometimes hesitating, took them home to collect their gifts.

One morning a little old lady, grandma-like, came in the store and looked a bit sad. She was nagging about the weather and the negative news on TV. Not really knowing how to reply we told her to pick a gift from the Sharing Vouchers. She held the pile of vouchers in her hand and browsed through it. Suddenly she started to cry and swiftly left the shop. We didn’t know what happened and were afraid we might have done something wrong.

Exactly one week later, grandma came back to the sharing shop and she was smiling. ‘What you do in here makes me so happy, I forgot how good people actually are, thank you,’ she said and took out her wallet. ‘Here you go, 10€ to buy some cookies,’ put the money on the table and left.

Grandma did not take a voucher, did not leave a voucher, but the meer existence of the vouchers affected her in the most beautiful of ways. This encounter with grandma made us decide we want to expand the Sharing Voucher system all over the world. We blame grandma. 🙂

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Blame Grandma