Sharing Hotspots are brick and mortar locations where vouchers can be issued and selected. Over thirty hotspots have opened their doors in The Netherlands during the first three months. Cafés, office buildings, stores and businesses, schools, libraries… anything goes as long as they are publicly accessible so lots of people can bump into the Sharing Vouchers and start sharing.


The Sharing Voucher concept is now available for everyone worldwide. Whomever wants to start a Sharing Hotspot wherever in the world, is invited to do so. We help you out of the starting blocks, we will share print ready files with you and can specify the contents to your requirements.

Just sign up and let’s do it together! It’s free of course. All you have to do is print the Sharing Voucher templates yourself and make a nice and workable place for the vouchers in your location. We will create the Sharing Vouchers for you. In your language and colour of choice.

  • Sign up now
  • We will contact you and get to know you
  • We help you shape your idea and design what you need
  • You print your customized Sharing Vouchers and create the Hotspot as you please
  • Have a kick off meeting so a first batch of Vouchers can be made available
  • We add you to the worldwide map
  • Keep in touch with us and share your stories and photos with us, we would love to publish them here

If you like, we can come to the grand opening of your hotspot. All we need is transportation and accommodation.

Contact us if any questions still exist.

Tips for a thriving Sharing Hotspot:

  • Love to do it and embrace the Vouchers
  • Casually propose your visitors or customers a gift ‘Would you like a present with that coffee?’
  • etc

See all the existing sharing hotspots in the world on the map.

Sharing hotspots work really well on events, markets, with live audiences during performances etc. Please experiment and tell us what works or doesn’t.


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